1. and i love her(cover)

  2. wooden heart (cover)

  3. pledging my love (cover)

  4. the king is gone (cover)

  5. he is my everything

  6. end of the line (cover)

  7. wonderful tonight (cover)

  8. Imagine (cover)

  9. Rhinestone Cowboy (cover)

  10. mountains of mourne

  11. yesterday (cover)

  12. honey (cover)

  13. lady in red (cover)

  14. The Living Years (cover)

  15. Lady (cover)

  16. what a friend we have in Jesus

  17. she believes in me (cover)

  18. three times a lady (cover)

  19. constantly (cover)

  20. Amazed (lonestar cover)

  21. Stand by me (elvis cover)

  22. for the good times (cover)

  23. Mama liked the roses (cover)

  24. If i could (cover)

  25. Railway hotel (cover)

  26. all the pretty little horses(cover)

  27. last night was made for love (cover)

  28. mother of mine (cover)

  29. Dont cry daddy (cover)

  30. always on my mind (cover)

  31. my way (cover)

  32. father and son (cover)

  33. love me tender (cover)

  34. hero (cover)

  35. geoffrey sings gospel

  36. my sweet lord (cover)

  37. make you feel my love (cover)

  38. in my life (cover)

  39. one night with you (cover)

  40. the continuing story of bungalow bill (cover)

  41. one after 909 (cover)

  42. let it be me (cover)

  43. Bluebell

  44. Rave On (cover)

  45. peggy sue (cover)

  46. Summertime Blues (cover)

  47. twenty flight rock (cover)

  48. return to sender (cover)

  49. teddy bear (cover)

  50. you'll never walk alone (cover)

  51. and i love you so (cover)

  52. blue moon of kentucky (cover)

  53. i want to be free (cover)

  54. are you lonesome tonight (cover)

  55. be bop a lulu (cover)

  56. i could easily fall in love with you (cover)

  57. words (bee gees cover)

  58. handle with care (cover)

  59. Sylvias mother (cover)

  60. Where do you go to my lovely (cover)

  61. blue eyes crying in the rain (cover)

  62. seven spanish angels (cover)

  63. wicked game (cover)

  64. halfway to paradise (cover)

  65. working class hero (cover)

  66. twilight time(cover)

  67. Green Green Grass of home (cover)

  68. fool (cover)

  69. American trilogy (cover)

  70. She (cover)

  71. Its now or never (cover)

  72. Cant help falling in love (cover)

  73. Sweet Angeline (cover)

  74. The Old Rugged Cross (cover)

  75. wonder of you (cover)


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